Google Docs=

Creating a Google Account

Google Doc Email Addresses

Creating and Working with a New Google Document

Activity One ~
  • Partner up
  • One person start a doc and share it with partner
    • To share, click on Share in the upper right hand corner and you will get a dialog box like this:

    • When you start typing the person's name in box under Add people, their name and email should pop up. Click on it and share.
  • Work collaboratively on that document - you may talk to each other or use the chat feature to insure you are not writing on top of one another

Activity Two ~
  • Upload a document from your computer.
  • Go to Upload and then click on Files.
  • Upload.png
  • Browse to the file you wish to upload and select it.
  • It will ask if you would like to convert it. Do so.
  • Depending on what formatting you have in your document, it is possible to lose some of that in the conversion.


Google Presentations

Google Sites


You may want to visit the Google Help Site for more information on how to use Google Docs.

Using Google Docs in the Classroom